The City of Rockhampton

The city of Rockhampton is situated in Central Queensland, approximately 650 km north of the state capital, Brisbane

Rockhampton lies just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, and is Australia's most southerly tropical city. Temperatures range from around 2 deg C in winter to in excess of 40 deg C in summer. The city lies on the Fitzroy River, and is 30 km from the sea,  covers an area of 187 square kilometres, and has a population of 65000.


The Capricorn Spire and Information Centre

Rockhampton today is a regional centre supporting the beef industry, and as a service centre for the extensive coal mines to the west. Two large export abattoirs are located in the city. Stanwell Power Station to the west provides power to the city and beyond, and the area is planned to be an industrial area, initially for a magnesium casting facility. The Kunwarara Magnesite project to the north is now providing raw material for a magnesium plant in the northern suburbs.

Santa Gertrudis Statue
South Rockhampton

The Customs House

Rockhampton was founded in 1855. It is named after a bar of rock which spans the Fitzroy River at this point, preventing oceangoing vessels from proceeding any further upriver. Like many Australian towns, the city's early development was spurred on by the discovery of gold. The first local gold rush occurred at Canoona, 50 km north of the city. Other discoveries of the metal, most notably at Mount Morgan to the southwest, caused the town to grow rapidly. Rockhampton became a city in 1902.

Murray Lagoon, Rockhampton Botanical Gardens

Rockhampton is well served by road, rail and air services. Electric passenger trains run from Brisbane and to the west. The airport has recently been upgraded to international standard, and regularly receives international charter flights.

The area also serves as a base for military training, with the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area situated to the north. A permanent detachment of the  Singapore Armed Forces is based at the airport, and supports major exercises once a year. The United States Armed Forces also regularly conduct exercises here.